UFO pred 1940

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Winter, 1870  -  Mount Washington, New Hampshire



This photograph depicts a cloud formation over the summit of Mt. Washington in the Winter of 1870 - 1871 - along with an added surprise! One can see a cigar shaped object. This could possibly be the earliest photograph of a UFO. The image is part of an antique stereoview. The description reads "SUMMIT Mt. Washington WINTER 1870-1871 Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1871, by CLOGH & KIMBALL, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington." (UFOArtwork.com)

More information about this photograph from "Filer's Files", #10-2002:

At the end of the E-bay online auction of March 4, 2002,
Independent-International Pictures Corp. president Samuel M.
Sherman announced that his company had won at auction the
oldest known UFO photograph. After several days of feverish
bidding, Sherman won the photo for his company in the last 50
seconds of the auction with a final high bid of $385. The
photograph is a winter 1870 stereo (3-D) view of clouds over
Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Plainly and sharply visible
in the photo is a long cigar-like object. Since this is before
known manned flight (with the exception of balloons - which
this is not) the object will have to be ruled as a solid
Unidentified Flying Object. Structure to this solid object is
clearly and sharply seen in some detail as is the reflection of
the sun off the object. The stereo view presents two images
(for right and left eye) which will be helpful in further
analysis of it. Sherman reported that due to the sharpness of
the image it will lend itself to further copying and
enlargement for study. Sherman also stated that this photograph
will not be locked up in some collection, but will be submitted
to scientists for detailed analysis and the results made
available to the public, which he says wants answers to the UFO


1910  -  France



1920  -  USA



1927  -  Cave Junction, Oregon


Cave Junction, Oregon
The Volunteer Fireman of Cave Junction, Oregon

"Our question is: have you heard of this thing, and if so, do you have this picture or others like? I, for one, would like to remind myself and some of the guys here that I may be getting on in years, but I'm still of sound mind and body. Again, it happened around 1927 or 1926. Thank you very much. You are doing a great service."


April, 1929  -  Ward, Colorado, USA


Ward, CO. April, 1929
Hetty Pline

This photo was taken by my father Edward Pline at the sawmill in Ward where we lived at the time, I think it was 1929. I was about six years old then. My father was there to photograph the sawmill for some reason or another, and as he was taking the photo, he described a "terrible thunderous bellow," and a large round thing as big as a very large boulder that moved through the air above them.

You can see it in the picture. None of the sawmill workers saw the thing in the photo, but they all heard the sound and felt the ground shudder. Later in my life I tried researching the incident at the County Historical Society, but I did not find any references to it. My father passed on a few years after the incident, and I have not found any surving sawmill workers from that time. Perhaps you have more information about this incident.

Best wishes, Hetty Pline


Summer, 1932  -  St. Paris, Ohio


The unidentified flying object in the picture could not have been a street lamp, simply because there were no street lamps there at the time. There are no power poles or power lines visible anywhere in this picture. Summer 1932, Mid-day, St. Paris, Ohio. This picture of George Sutton of St. Paris, Ohio, taken near mid-day (as may be seen from the shadows on the ground) shows a vintage automobile with a 1932 license plate on the front bumper. The owner of the photo album says there were no electric street lights along this road in those days. Nobody has been able to account for the dark object seen over Sutton's left shoulder in this photograph.


1937  -  Vancouver, BC, Canada


Leonard Lamoureux, age 21 was on leave from the Army when he visited Vancouver City Hall to view and photograph the Christmas light display. Along with him was his brother Wilfred.

The two were suddenly astounded to see a "bright bright blue light" drop straight down from the sky. It became larger as it did so and they were able to observe the source of the light as an object that Leonard described as "two saucers" open ends facing each other, glowing bright blue. The object then moved "dead straight" horizontally across the sky. When it just appeared to clear the flagpole on the roof of the City Hall it came to an almost dead stop and Leonard clicked the shutter on the camera. The object then shot straight back up into the sky. "They never seen anything fly so fast!" This scared them to death and they ran from the scene. The object made no sound.

Leonard's daughter, Debra DeCamillis who still lives in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area related this account to us. She remarked how vivid and excited her father sounded each time he described the sighting. Leonard Lamoureux passed away in 1992 and his brother Wilfred in 1955. Misfortune has it that the negative is no longer around as some UFO researchers have suggested that this image is nothing but a watermark defect that appeared during the development of the print. Debra has this to add regarding this assertion: "I know for fact there was no bubbles on the film, or watermarks because I was facinated by negatives as a child and saw that negative many many times. On the rest of the pictures there was nothing but pictures of lights, so I know it had no bubbles or watermarks on it."

Deborah provided the following additional details: "The camera was on a tri-pod of sorts because Dad was trying to take sequential shots of the courthouse to capture all the lights. But he was not using a timed exposure, his camera was not sophisticated enough. He did say that he could actually see the bubble or tail as he called it that the object was encapsulated in."


January 1, 1939  -  Organ Cave, West Virginia, USA


Close-up of the photograph taken near Organ Cave, West Virginia in 1939.

The full original photograph, with a circle drawn around the object.

UFO In 1939 Family Album Photo

From DK

This was sent to me from my friend Chris Miller in West Virginia. I am forwarding it.

-- Original Message --

Hey Guys ,

I am in the middle of making a Family tree Video for my own Grandmother. She gave me approximately 1000 pictures to scan, and look what I found in the bunch....

This photo was taken in 1939 Near Organ Cave, West Virginia .

This is my Grandfather ( Left ) and His Brother.