2011-08-04 Limbach, Pezinok

21.01.2013 11:02
Dátum pozorovania: 2011-08-04
Čas pozorovania: 20:45
Miesto pozorovania: Limbach, Pezinok
GPS súradnice pozorovania:  
Uhol pozorovania: 0
Dĺžka pozorovania (minút): 7
Spôsob pozorovania:  
Počet objektov: 1
Tvar objektu(ov): Cross
Veľkosť objektu(ov):  
Farba objektu(ov): Black (silhouette)
Zvuk objektu(ov): Silent
Zápach objektu(ov):  
Spôsob svietenia objektu(ov):  
Spôsob letu objektu(ov):  
Rýchlosť letu objektu(ov):  
Výška letu objektu(ov):  
Smer letu objektu(ov):  
Spôsob objavenia objektu(ov):  
Spôsob zmiznutia objektu(ov):  
Počasie, teplota vzduchu: Scattered clouds, windy
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We saw a bright light in the sky above the wine fields between Limbach and Pezinok. First thought it was a bright star - or planet, i.e. venus. But too bright. And too close. Were then thinking it could be the landing lights of a plane - but it was moving too slow. And there was no sound. Was moving steadily across the sky. Just below or just above the clouds. In different directions of the clouds (whcih were just then coming in and covering the sky). After a while we could see a black silhoutte shaped a little like a giant cross with the light at the bottom. But too far away and too dark for details. It was clearly not a plane and not a helicopter - again too slow, and totally silent. The light gradually faded as if it changed its angle or perhaps because it was covered by the cloud. What could this be??


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