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1970  -  Japan



1970s  -  Bremerton, WA, USA


From HBCC UFO Research:

Bremerton, Washington, United States 30 Years Ago
Hi Yogi, (Brian)

It was some 30 years ago -as I was walking into my home in Bremerton, Wa. when I saw those strange objects in the sky -hovering almost right above me .It was in a northerly direction and a little to the west from where I stood.I ran inside and got my camera-took these 2 pictures .I'm an 83 year old lady now and when I heard of Art Bells interest in UFOs I thought he might like to see them.

Had to look them up in all my pictures- and I was surprised again to see how strange they looked. After they were posted -got e-mail that said they were everything from a Goodyear blimp - some testing a flying car-a Navy Drome-and someone actually said it was a UFO.Wish I had put the date on the pictures- but too late for that. My daughter will attach the photos as I have just gotten this lap top computer-have to type with one finger yet- so have a lot to learn.Thanks for your interest

Sincerely, Lorraine

I would like to extend my many thanks to Lorraine for her kindness and sharing these pictures with us all.


Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Research


July 11, 1971, 3.30 PM  -  Floridad, Uruguay


July 11, 1971, 3.30 PM
Floridad, Uruguay

When Hector Rufino Delgado saw a strange, disc-shaped craft approaching him, flying on its side, he grabbed his camera - and shot a series of six pictures when the object changed its position and passed him and disappeared in the opposite direction. Please compare the enlargement with the Turkish UFO photos we show in the next two month! (Courtesy: Wendelle C. Stevens)


At about 3:30pm on July 11th 1977, Sr. Hector Rufino Delgado, 29, a horticulturist, was working in his greenhouse at the rear of his home in Florida, Uruguay. It was a magnificent day with an almost clear blue sky, and the temperature, in spite of the winter season, was almost spring-like. A light breeze was blowing in from the east. Suddenly, Sr. Delgado heard a high pitched humming sound, "Something like that produced by an electric motor, or a ventilator." He nevertheless paid little attention to the noise and continued with his work. The humming increased in intensity, but a few seconds later it decreased until it was almost imperceptible. In less than a minute, the humming came back to audible level again and increased once more. This time its tone was a little sharper. "It was not constant, but its intensity increased and decreased perceptibly, and the same with the tone," said Sr. Delgado. The witness began to wonder about the possible origin of the sound. He laid down the tools he was using and went to the doorway to look out. He saw, some 200m from his position and no more than 50m above the ground, a silver disc-shaped object moving smoothly, suspended in the air. "I was slow to react; never had the thought occurred to me that I might encounter a thing like this... but there it was, swinging gently as it balanced itself in the air a few meters above the ground," assured the witness. After a few moments of indecision, Rufino ran to the house to get his camera. He grabbed the camera and raced back, fearing the strange object might leave. "I ran as fast as I was able. When I was looking for my camera in my house, I wondered if it would really be worth while to photograph the object, or whether it would be there when I came out of the house and got back. However from the doorway of my house, I saw it again, no longer suspended motionless in the air, but moving very slowly toward the south." He barely arrived back out at the greenhouse when he stopped to take a picture, but he saw that some trees would be in the way. He ran to a better location. "When I took the first photograph the UFO was still moving very slowly toward the south, but I had barely snapped it when the object drastically altered its velocity and trajectory and commenced some climbing maneuvers as it increased its elevation above the ground," declared the witness.


September 4, 1971  -  Lago de Cote, Costa Rica


The photo above (cropped and enlarged) was taken by a Costa Rican government mapping plane during an aerial mapping mission. This UFO photograph is unique for several reasons. 1) The photograph was taken by a high-quality, professional camera. 2) The unidentified object is plainly visible against the uniformly dark background of the lake and appears in sharp focus. 3) The camera was aimed downward and the plane was flying at a known, fixed altitude (10,000 feet), which makes it easy to calculate a maximum size for the object (683 feet).

The plane carried a crew of four; a specialist in aerial photography, a geographer, a topographer, and the pilot. No member of the crew stated that they saw anything unusual during the routine flight.

Much analysis has been undertaken using the original negative, most notably by Dr. Richard F. Haines and Dr. Jacques F. Vallee. It seems safe to assume that it is not a double-exposure or the result of manipulation of the negative. All indications are that this is a photo of a large three-dimensional disk , or shallow cone, [hovering?] above, and possibly partially submerged in Lago de Cote.

There were apparently no witnesses to the disk's presence at the time of the photograph, but other incidents at that location had been reported by local farmers, involving strange, artificial objects moving around the surface or just below the surface of the lake. (NURMUFO)

For an in-depth, scientific analysis of this photograph, see "Photo Analyses of an Aerial Disc Over Costa Rica", by Richard Haines and Jacques Vallee, available online at:


May 23, 1971  -  St. Lorenzen, Styria, Austria



On May 23, 1971 at about 12:30 P M, one of the most convincing photographs of a UFO was taken by one Rudi Nagora, a Munich musician. Nagora, along with his wife, were vacationing near St. Lorenzen, Styria, Austria.

After finding a suitable place to park his car, Nagora left his wife inside the vehicle while he scouted the general area before the two of them ventured out. Suddenly, he heard a "whizzing" sound coming from above. Looking up, he could clearly see a shining, silver disc which was between him and the cloud plane. The object was moving in a zig-zag pattern. He ran back to his car, told his wife what he had seen, and grabbed his camera.

Pointing his Agfa-Click camera at the object, he took a full roll of 12 exposures, capturing several stunning images. Now out of film, Nagora could see the object come even closer, and then shoot straight up, disappearing through the clouds.

After the approximately 5 minute sighting and film taking session, Nagora took his film back to Munich. UFO researcher Engineer Adolf Geigenthaler heard about the photographs, and began an investigation into the sighting. After careful examination, Nagoras photos were deemed legitimate by several reliable experts. The photos have never been debunked, and still testify today that we are not alone.

(B J Booth)
original source: Michael Hesemann


23 May 1971, 12.30 p.m.
St. Lorenzen/Styria, Austria:

During his vacations in Styria, the Munich musician Rudi Nagora and his wife explored the area around St. Lorenzen. Looking for a nice landscape, they were driving around with their car to park it somewhere and go for a walk. About noon Nagora stopped at the edge of a field, in a parking bay, left the car to inspect the area, when his wife waited inside the car. In this moment his attention was drawn by a whizzling sound coming from the sky above. He looked up and saw a shining, silver disc, moving in front of the clouds in a kind of zig-zag pattern. Immediately he ran back to the car, telling his wife and grabbing his Agfa-Click camera. He put it up, tried to catch the disc and snapped one photo after the other, twelve in total, until the film was full. In this very moment the disc came down for a moment, approached the witness, before it was shooting straight up and disappeared through a hole in the clouds. The sighting lasted for about five minutes.

Later, Munich UFO researcher Engineer Adolf Geigenthaler learned about the case and started an investigation. Nagoras photos were considered authentic by many competent researcherst including GSW, Col. Colman VonKeviczky, Illobrand von Ludwiger, Adolf Schneider and others who carefully analysed them. They belong to the best UFO photos ever taken. In two instances (photo 3-7, photo 8-10) a clear, logical course of the object can be observed what rules out the possibility of a frisbee or hub cap thrown into the air. Furthermore, in one of the photos the object enters a cloud. It obviouly moved in an alitude of 3000-3600 feet!

(c) 2000 by Rudi Nagora. All rights reserved. High quality prints of this series (8x8 inches or 20x20 centimeters) can be ordered for only $5 each/$ 60,-- the series directly from the witness, whom I asked to make them available for the UFO research community: Rudi Nagora, Robert Koch Str.7, D-82008 Unterhaching/Germany

Source / Credit: Michael Hesemann


February 12, 1971  -  North Corsica Island, France



Two photographs snapped by a family taking a picture of their new home when the unknown intruder appeared and descended above them. The first and clearest photo (photo #1 above) has been enlarged here (photo #2) to allow study of detail. After a slow curving descent the object leveled off and flew toward Bastia Airfield.


April 20, 1972  -  Lunar Surface (Moon), NASA Apollo 16 photo


April 20, 1972
Lunar Surface
NASA Apollo 16 photo
An elongated, glowing white, cigar shaped craft hovering over a crater - or simply a reflection? This photo was taken by Apollo-16 just before the April 20, 1972 landing on the Moon. Down left you see the metallic foot of the Lunar Lander. NASA photo AS16-120-19238


1972  -  Devon, England



An "accidental" UFO photograph, taken by Wilfred Power in 1972 at the Plymouth Zoo, Devon, England.


March 27, 1973  -  Genoa Sestri, Italy


April 17, 1973  -  Bali Island, Indonesia


October 31, 1973  -  Genoa, Italy



October 3, 1973  -  Louisville, Kentucky, USA

"It was about 2:00pm I'd guess. I didn't hear anything. I had just seen two chipmunks scampering around the base of a Sycamore tree. Then I looked up and, by God, there it was...this round flying saucer. That's all I know to call it," reported this an electronics technician from Louisville. The man took six pictures in all, two of which were blurred because of the object's rapid departure. The pictures and negatives were examined by the COURIER-JOURNAL photo staff, and if the photos were faked, they were fakes of the highest quality. There were no other sightings in this area at this time.


Belotic, Yugoslavia

A UFO photographed near Belotic, Yugoslavia, during 1973. According to the Center for UFO Studies' (CUFOS) files, the hat-shaped object remains unexplained.


November 17, 1974  -  Wyborg, Denmark

UFO above Wyborg, Denmark, 1974, taken by H. Lauersen. This incident was investigated by Maj. Hans Petersen of the Danish Air Force. The vaporizing effect is explained by scientists as being the result of the surface of the UFO being cooler than -180 degrees Celcius. Because of that, the surrounding air becomes liquid and flows toward the Earth, which gives the object its jellyfish-like appearance.


November 12, 1974  -  Hokkaido, Japan


At 12:00pm on November 12, 1974, eleven year old twin brothers, Yoshitsugu and Katsuji Iino, were looking at the sky from a back window of their home in Obihiro City when they noticed a mysterious dark disc-like flying object hovering in the sky. One of them went for a camera while the other kept his eyes on the object, and they succeeded in snapping four color photographs before the object rose into the clouds and disappeared from view.


April 25, 1974  -  Hawaii, USA

A UFO photographed by chance by Tsutomu Nakayama in Hawaii. Other photographs of the scene do not show the object, and Mr. Nakayama himself was unaware of it in the sky when he took the shot.


March 23, 1974  -  France


March 21, 1974  -  Varnamo, Sweden

The saucer photo in Värnamo
By Clas Svahn

I certainly had my doubts. Of all the UFO pictures I had seen, this was one of the more dubious. The object wasn't even symmetrical. Dark as sin it hung over the town of Värnamo in the southern Swedish province of Småland. And nobody but a 15 year old boy had seen it.
It was around 11 am on 21 March 1974. Christer Sundström was lying in his bed, home from school with chickenpox. He was looking out the window of his room towards the neighbour's house. All he could see was a dark grey sky. But then the impossible happened. A dark object, which he at first thought was an eagle, started to circle above the roof of the neighbour's house. Christer could watch it make its movements for half a minute before it disappeared behind the clouds.

After a short while it returned. This time it was much closer. Christer grabbed his pocket camera by the window and took four pictures in a quick sequence. Then the show was over. Christer Sundström has since told his story to several ufologists and journalists. Many have doubted him. The saucer isn't "extraterrestrial" enough. Boris Jungkvist, the foremost advocate of the spaceship hypothesis in Sweden, hasn't mentioned the photo in any of his books.

The UFO organisation of Gothenburg Gicoff (now no longer existing) did its best to reveal the photo as a hoax. Its photo investigator Gunnar Bunker examined the negatives and found a lighter area around the edges of the object. He interpreted this as proof that the UFO was made of cardboard and taped onto the window pane. He even took a series of similar pictures himself, that were published in the Gicoff newsletter.

Some 20 years later I drove my car to the parsonage of Tallnäs to visit Christer Sundström, who now had become a clergyman. I thought a lot about the hoax theory on the way to Småland. An older colleague of mine, Henry Svensson, met with Christer at the time and found him to be a serious young man with a Christian view of life. To Henry it was clear that he had no reason whatsoever to lie about this.

Christer Sundström greeted me with a firm handshake. He seemed calm and relaxed about my visit, though I disturbed him during a summer camp for children waiting to become confirmed.

- Once two men from some UFO group tried to hypnotise me, but without success. Sometimes I myself doubt that the whole thing actually happened. But it would be strange if there wasn't life somewhere else in the Universe.
- I don't think it's a good idea to investigate these things. Not that the objects in themselves are evil, but the power behind them might be hostile. These phenomena have produced several cults and I don't think that is good. I asked him to tell me about the incident once again.
- I was lying home in bed when I caught sight of a strange object through the window. It kind of circled in the sky. At first I thought it was a bird. It moved like an eagle. I watched it for maybe 1,5 minutes. It was quite far away, but I still found it strange. After a while I got out of bed and went up to the window. I brought the camera with me.
- When the object got closer I took five pictures of it. Afterwards it turned out that four of the negatives were blank, but the fifth was good. The object then ascended and became smaller and smaller until it couldn't be seen anymore.
- I felt that this was something unexplainable, something that I couldn't understand, something not built by humans. But I can't say if it was a craft.
- I didn't tell anyone about the incident until the pictures had been developed. Than I talked to my parents. At first they laughed, but then my father found it interesting. He took my picture and through a friend of his the whole thing ended up in the local newspaper. Then gradually I started to doubt what I had seen. My friends at school laughed at me.
- I already had my Christian faith at the time. I read the Bible a lot and tried to find the answer there.
- Some people from Gothenburg examined my experience and came to the conclusion that it was a hoax. It made me very angry and disappointed. I to this day claim that the picture is genuine. But after the "exposure" I avoided looking up at the sky and I even tried to convince myself that somebody had pulled a joke on me.
- I lent the camera and the negatives to this Henry Svensson. It took a long time before I got the camera back, and he never returned the negatives.
- A lot of people sent me books and phoned me up and wanted to talk to me. It was both UFO groups and people with a general interest in the subject. I asked my mother to throw the books away. I didn't want to read them.
- If I were to see anything like that again, I know what I would do: run and hide!

Christer Sundström made a very good impression on me. He told his story in a straightforward manner. He has never backed from or altered his original story and he claims that the photo is genuine. I'm sure that whatever Christer shot that day with his camera, it wasn't a conscious bluff on his part.


May 30, 1974  -  Queens, New York City, NY, USA

Traffic was proceeding as usual along this main artery in Flushing Meadows, Queens on May 30, 1974 when a disk-shaped UFO made its appearance over the New York World's Fair grounds. An unknown photographer snapped this picture of it.


July 19, 1974  -  Balcarce, Argentina


One of the two photographs taken by Antonio Le Pere in 1974.

The other photograph (in black and white).

Summary: Antonio Le Pere snapped these two photographs through the driver's window of his car as he was proceeding along route 226 near Balcarce.

July 19, 1974, at Balcarce, Argentina, disc-shaped metal-looking flying object approached an automobile driven Sr. Antonio Le Pere. It was near 18:00 hours when Le Pere noticed the intruder keeping pace with him from a position only a few hundred meters to his left, and barely 10 meters above the ground there. He slowed his automobile as he worked on his camera to take a picture, before it started climbing and flew away. Le Pere took the pictures through the rolled down window on the driver's side of the car, shooting over his left arm holding the steering wheel. The object was of a coppery-brownish smooth finished reflective material like metal, or something between a metal and ceramic finish.It had a raised dome on the top surface of the craft, and seemed to have a reddish glow either on the rim edge or surrounding the rim very closely to the ship. The strange machine flew a steady course and was quite obviously under intelligent control. (from Stevens / Cosmic View)


October 15, 1974  -  Surrey, B.C., Canada


Article from Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, Canada), October 26, 1974:

For the past 10 days, 11-year-old David Knutsen of Surrey has kept the biggest secret of his life locked inside his Kodak Instamatic camera.

On October 15, the freckle-faced Grade 6 student snapped a picture of what he is convinced was an Unidentified Flying Object, a round silver coloured craft that made a soft buzzing sound outside his apartment.

David was talking to a friend in an apartment complex when he said he noticed two RCMP officers standing in the building's parking lot, pointing in the sky towards the east.

'It just went round and round in a circle, up and down, and then took off super fast in the sky,' David said in an interview today.

The UFO shot he took was the first picture on a 20-picture roll and David's father, a construction worker, wouldn't let him develop it until the other 19 pictures were taken.

David finished the roll last weekend and received his negatives Friday.

'I wasn't that excited honestly,' said his father. 'You know how kids are. I really didn't believe it, but then I saw the picture and it was so good.'

The colour snapshot, taken at 4:00 PM after David returned home from Old Yale Rd. elementary school, depicts a circular, almost-black object with a sharp but narrow blue glow around its exterior. There were no other distinguishable markings on the craft which he estimated was about 400 feet away at its closest point.

The whole episode lasted only three seconds, according to David. RCMP Sgt. Arnold McPherson said today he didn't know the names of the officers David claimed to have seen watching the object.

'No UFO reports were filed by anyone in the police station and no one had made any mention of sightings', he said.

An air traffic control spokesman at Vancouver airport said his log book showed no unaccounted-for objects on ATC radar screens on October 15.

The Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Victoria also said it had no reports of unidentified flying objects that day.

Knutsen described his son as a boy with 'an interest in UFOs.'

David said he had been reading library material on the mysterious craft but swears the October 15 sighting from his kitchen window was authentic.

'It wasn't no round airplane, I know that,' he said.

A blazing white unidentified Flying Object which was described as roaring like a jet aircraft was reported by an RCMP officer in Turner Valley, Alta., two days before David claims his UFO appeared in Surrey . . .

David was unclear about the UFO's size. He said it was roughly 50 feet in diameter but that its 'super speed' prevented him from being sure. The only light he saw was the sun gleaming off the craft, he said.


"The Surrey Corridor"
by Graham Conway (UFO*BC)

At 4:00 PM on the 15th of October 1974, a young man called David Knutsen noticed from his apartment window in Whalley, two RCMP officers. These men were in the parking lot watching the sky. Looking in the same direction David saw a disc shaped object. Having recently received a camera for this birthday he used it to take a rather impressive picture that a short time later was displayed on the front page of the Vancouver Sun. However, on further inquiry it was declared that no police officer had viewed this craft. Not believing this statement I placed an advertisement in a local Surrey newspaper seeking further additional witnesses. In four days I had sixteen phone calls. No one wanted to talk for five minutes, they all wanted to talk for hours, principally about their own sightings or experiences. Not one of them was able to confirm what David had seen and photographed (apart of course, from the "non-existent" police officers). After the fifth phone call I realized that most of these calls were coming from an area between Scott Road, (120th Street) and King George Highway, (134th Street). Both of these roads are principal thoroughfares running north to south and are parallel. The distance separating them is approximately two miles. More significant is the fact that right down the center of this area are Hydro transmission lines and sub stations. Although these are purely arbitrary boundaries the fact remains that from then on we researchers became acutely aware of the existence of the "Surrey Corridor", as it later became known.

Scott Road is the North Delta, Surrey boundary. Remarkably, the majority of our local reports over the past twenty years have been reported from the east side of 120th Street. Astonishingly, almost no reports come in from South Delta, (i.e., Ladner, Tsawwassen) which, strangely enough, have their own noticeably outstanding set of Hydro transmission lines.

Not only are the reports we receive constant in number, but quite varied in content. Daylight sightings are frequent, I myself witnessed a white disc in the sky one Sunday morning, whilst I and my wife visited an ailing friend. This was from close to Bear Creek Park where many reports seem to emanate.

The night the Persian Gulf War officially ceased we had a report of two triangular shaped objects cross King George Highway at the ninth floor level of a thirteen story apartment building! Another remarkable feature of this area is the large number of visitation/abduction stories that have emerged from around the Bear Creek Park and Newton area. Predictably, we find that many of the unfortunate "experiencers" live close to or alongside either transmission towers or electrical substations.

It is also a noticeable fact that numerous reports emerge from the Guildford area which is probably around two miles east of the imaginary boundary line of King George Highway, as the UFO flies. In the past twenty two years I have met and heard from a great many people, young and old, who recount sightings of their own that have taken place within the described corridor, certainly over a hundred.

All this came about because of an alert young man and his birthday gift. Incidentally, a closer examination of David's photograph appears to show a SECOND object located higher in the sky. Thinking back on this chain of circumstances, I can't help but speculate as to whether that was the very first? and very last? sighting that David had. Fifty years of research has taught me that few witnesses have only one such event in their lives. Should you happen to read this David, please give me a call and bring me up to date.


July 26, 1975  -  Saas-Fee, Switzerland


May 11, 1975  -  Chiba, Japan


At 9:00am on May 11, 1975, young Ryutaro Umehara, snapped 4 color pictures, of a featureless dark lens-shaped object flying in the sky as it descended in a falling-leaf fashion.


October 4, 1975  -  Nagoya City, Japan


February 1975  -  Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

This photograph in 1975 by Lance Willet of Nanaimo, BC, Canada, is one of a number in which a UFO was caught by accident while the photographer was concentrating on an everyday subject.


March 18, 1975  -  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

An anonymous witness near Hamilton--on Lake Ontario, photographed this object which resembles a huge Mexican hat called a sombrero. This UFO may be of the same type that was witnessed hovering above Centeno, Argentina two years later.


March 18, 1975  -  Switzerland


January 5, 1975  -  Brownstown, Illinois, USA


May 26, 1975  -  Nancy, France

The witness' father sent a letter to Albert Ducrocq, a prominent French science journalist, describing his son's sighting and photograph.

Excerpt from the letter: "On May 26, 1975, at approximately 07:45 p.m., my son Didier, who has just been seventeen years old, called me, claiming that he had just seen a UFO and that he had photographed it. His claim was received by much skepticism on my part, my wife's and my daughter's. Before closing his shutters, he saw this "thing" and, after a few seconds, he had the reflex to jump on his camera and to take a photograph. We did not speak again any more of the incident; having finished the roll and not having money to have it developped, my son put it aside... and forgot about it until last week. It was an amazement at the sight of the picture which I join to this letter."

In an interview, the witness gave further details. "[The duration of the sighting was] approximately 10 to 15 seconds. It went down vertically. Then, it disappeared towards the south. It resembled an opaque black disc without any reflection nor relief, and it evolved without noise, at least, I did not hear any noise."


Further information on this case, including the complete letter and also the interview with the witness and his father, can be found on the UFOs at Close Sight website:


September 6, 1976  -  Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan

UFO photographed by Shuichi Watanabe. A provacative juxtaposition of images.


November 11, 1976  -  South Herwang, Indonesia


At 2:00pm in November of 1976, Mr. Tony Hartono, an engineer, had taken photographs of the off- shore oil rig his company ARCO Indonesia was building in order to illustrate his progress report. He had one left and was standing on a platform facing the sea, wondering what else he could shoot to finish the film roll. Suddenly his attention was attracted to a little dark speck in the sky which was growing larger as it approached. It became a yellowish color as it continued its approach and came quite near the launch he was in. He used his last shot to capture this object on film.


March 8, 1976  -  Switzerland



April 9, 1976  -  Nagoya City, Japan


At 2:00pm on April 9, 1976, Hirohito Tanaka saw the small dark circular flying object with the raised dome in the center. It was making a low pass over the roof of his next door neighbor's house. Grabbing his Instamatic 126, he ran to the balcony and shot seven pictures in rapid succession. The domed disc was moving in zig-zag and falling-leaf fashion as it flew about in the near sky. It was dark colored and he could not see much detail, only noting its strange movements, well aware that no airplane known to him could perform such maneuvers.


1976  -  Urals, Russia

UFO over a lake in the middle Urals, 1976. Photograph taken by S. Moskovskikh.


1976  -  Amazon Area, Brazil

1976, Amazon Area, Brazil

A Brazilian Airline pilot on a passenger flight shot this photo of a UFO over the Amazon jungle from the Cockpit of his Boeing 727.
Requesting anonymity, he sent the picture to the Brazilian UFO Magazine (editor: Prof. A.J.Gevaerd).

Thanks to A.J.Gevaerd for this picture!


May 12, 1976  -  Passo Fondo, Brazil

APRO Bulletin, Nov. 1978

On the 12th of May, 1976 Mr. Joshua da Silva and Mr. Gesareo Goncalves were driving in Goncalves' car from Iteri to Passo Fondo, Brazil. At ten A.M. when they were less than fifty kilometers (thirty-one miles) from Passo Fondo, near the Jacui River, da Silva spotted a silver metallic spherical object resembling the planet Saturn, replete with ring.

Gesareo drove slowly toward it until they were abreast and it was approximately twenty meters (one hundred and thirty feet) distant. They estimated the object which had a "brushed metal" surface to be six to eight meters (twenty to twenty six feet) in diameter.

When abreast of the object, Goncalves stopped the car while da Silva turned and fumbled in a bag in the back seat for his Kodak Rio Camera which was loaded with color film.

When the car stopped, the object began to descend. Da Silva snapped one photo, rolled the film and snapped another, whereupon the object began moving into the Northeast, increasing its speed as it went, until it was out of sight. It was gone in just seconds.

Technicians at El Globo, one of Rio's newspapers, examined the negative and said they could find no evidence of a hoax.

It is interesting to note how closely the Janusas and da Silva photos resemble the Trindade photos of 1957.


March 7, 1977  -  Hamburg, Germany

UFOs at Close Sight (Patrick Gross):

Hoax UFO photograph, Hamburg Germany March 7, 1977:


This picture has allegedly been captured on March 3, 1977, at about 14:00, near the river Wedel in the Hamburg area, Germany.

The standard caption offered by the several web site who present the image says:

"Herr Walter Schilling observed and photographed this flying disc with a curious rotating, fluorescent periscope-like mast. The object was very close to the ground and was tilted at an angle as it cast a 30 feet shadow on the grass to its right."

Because the close up indicates at least some resemblance to the famous Paul Trent photographs in McMinville, 1950, this resemblance with the McMinville photograph is sometimes quoted as reason to believe the picture is a hoax or on the contrary that it is not a hoax.

Actually, Michael Heseman, a highly controversial german character who published UFO litterature "as journalist, not ufologist," admitted in his book "The mystery of the Unidentified Flying Objects", 1998) that Walter Schilling had sent him a good dozens "primitive Fotocollagen" in 1981 and 1983. In June 1982 Heseman had already learned Ground Saucers Watch's opinion that the photograph show a small model. It was not easy to contact Schilling in 1984, because he was in a psychiatric hospital following legal charges for sexual misbehaviour, however, it seems that on August 11, 1983, he met with Michael Heseman and told him that the photograph show a small model he built and photographed, adding that it was "a very good joke, my friend."


The above picture was published in "Der Stand der UFO-Forschung," (The Current State of UFO Research) by I.V. Ludwiger.

The original of the picture seems to be archived at the MUFON-CES in Germany.

The photograph is not very broadly known. It appears on a 1993 CD-ROM entitled "UFO." This is were the standard caption comes from.


March 10, 1977  -  Indianapolis, Indiana

APRO Bulletin (April 1977)

On March 10, 1977, at between 3:30 and 4 p.m., Ricky Brandenburg, 13 had just arrived home from school in Indianapolis. Indiana, when he saw an object coming out of the north at low altitude. He at first thought it was an airplane, but it made no sound and had an odd shape. His mother and a neighbor were in the yard and he called to them, "Look, a UFO." They paid no attention, so he ran into the house and got his Instamatic camera which was loaded with color film in preparation for a projected visit to the Museum of Science and Industry. He ran into the yard and began snapping pictures. The object made a 360° circle above the neighborhood, during which time Ricky snapped nine photos. Of the nine, only three clearly showed the object; they were numbers six, seven and eight.

After the object completed its sweep of the area it went back into the north and "just disappeared in the clouds." Ricky then went inside and told his parents. His father. Morce Brandenburg, told Field Investigator Fritz Klemm that he at first didn't believe Ricky but when the photos were developed he was convinced Ricky has really seen and photographed a UFO.

Photo number six shows a dark disc-shaped object with what appears to be a transparent dome against a blue sky and scattered clouds. Number seven shows the object further away than number six, but under a powerful magnifying glass, a slightly orangeish tint is visible on the lower part of the object. On number eight, which is considered to be clearest of the three, the area just above the rim of the disc shows an orangish hue.

Weather conditions were the following: Wind out of the SSW at 13 knots, temperature 65 degrees, barometric pressure 29.145 and steady. As noted earlier, there were scattered clouds. Mr. Klemm was not able to accurately check the air traffic because he could not pinpoint the exact time of the sighting.

These photos have been examined by Dr. B. Roy Frieden, APRO's Consultant in Optics,' Dr. Daniel Harris, APRO Consultant in astronomy, as well as other members of the headquarters staff and are considered to be genuine.


March 1, 1978  -  Canada


December 27, 1978  -  Ranelagh, Argentina

Photograph taken in Ranelagh, Argentina, about 60 kms. south of Buenos Aires.


April 19, 1978  -  Colfax, Wisconsin, USA

The first photograph. The object was so close that it is possible to notice some details of its lower surface.

In this photograph the object is starting to move away.

On April 19, 1978, police officer Mark Coltrane was on patrol in the vicinity of Colfax, a small town with a thousands of inhabitants in Wisconsin, USA. At midday, he decided to stop the car to eat something, in a small isolated area. He noted that his radio was emitting crackles.

He then noticed a metalic looking disc raising towards the the sky at a short distance from the parking space.

While the object seemed to move towards him, Coltrane picked up his Polaroid camera, came out of the car and snapped some photographs. The object was so close in one of the images that it is possible to notice some details of its lower surface.

In [the second] photograph the object is starting to move away.

The total observation lasted a few minutes, the object being being lost from his sight when it accelerated and fled in the distance.

Coltrane, shocked by the sighting, remained in amazement for two hours without saying anything, by fear of being ridiculed when he would have to submit his report to his chiefs.


June 20, 1978  -  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

APRO Bulletin, Nov. 1978

The following report was forwarded tp Headquarters by Sal Giamusso of New York, who interviewed the principal. The photo taken by Mr. Janusas is identical to one taken by Joshua da Silva near Passo Fondo, Brazil two years earlier [refer to the Passo Fondo, Brazil 1976 photo in the UFO photo gallery].

Mr. Saul Janusas (Electrical Engineer) of Sea Cliff, New York, was in Brazil on business at the time of the incident. After completing work at the International Airport of Rio DeJaneiro that day of June 20 or 21, 1978, Mr. Janusas caught the 5 P.M. bus (Paranapuan Bus Company) to Copacabana for home. About a mile out from the airport Mr. Janusas observed an object through the bus window at approximately 10° to 15° toward his front (from an imaginary line perpendicular to the broadside of the bus). Not believing what he saw, Mr. Janusas grabbed for his camera and snapped a picture. Mr. Janusas estimates that the time to change frames and reorient the camera on the object took about 20 seconds before the second picture was taken. Almost right after the second frame was taken, the bus made a right turn which caused the object to be obscured from Mr. Janusas' vision. A sketch of the sequence of pictures taken is included to help clarify any questions. Whether anyone else saw the object is not known at this time. The few other people on the bus at the time of Mr. Janusas' sighting were Portugese. This caused Mr. Janusas to refrain from alerting anyone else of the object, (note: Mr. Janusas suspects that the second picture taken might have been of a second object. He did take his eyes off the object while he was changing frames - just a thought.)

... It is interesting to note how closely the Janusas and da Silva photos resemble the Trindade photos of 1957.


September 4, 1978  -  Madrid, Spain

This UFO, photographed with a high-powered telephoto lens, appeared over the Spanish capital on 4 September 1978. Spanish Air Force jets failed to reach the object, which disappeared at 90,000 feet.


February 1979  -  Santa Monica, California

 [This photo is not from a reliable source].

Santa Monica, California. Feb 1979
Gigi Brobeck

"Dear Eldisco,
Attached is a polaroid I took back in Febuary, 1979 while I was out photographing humming birds along the cliffs above the Santa Monica beach. I hope this is helpful to you. My brother says it is the best evidence yet on the existence of ufos. If you need any more information you can phone me at [removed]. Please do not give out my phone number nor my email address. Thank you again." Gigi Brobeck


October 27, 1979  -  Motonau, New Zealand

Two former New Zealand Air Force photographic analysts called the picture "inscrutable". It was one of a series taken in the early morning, and only one frame on the film contained the UFO image. No one saw or heard the object in the sky at the time.


June, 1979  -  Mestre, Venice, Italy


March 16, 1979  -  Suonenjoki, Finland

APRO Bulletin, Vol. 28, No. 5, Nov. 1979

(The following report was forwarded by Suomen Ufotutkijat ry., UFO Research for Finland and attempts are being made to obtain the remaining photos and additional data.)

The most important UFO case discovered by UFO Research of Finland in 1979 took place at Suonenjoki in Central Finland. UFOs were photographed in the same area in 1972, but the most significant events occurred in 1973, 1975, and 1979.

Last winter's events at Suonenjoki contain more documents and more information than any other Finnish UFO case. Twelve photos from one case is a national record and the four landing trace areas coupled with interesting metal retrievals give the local research people a lot to think about.

Mr. Jarmo Nykanen, aged 24, electrician by profession, is the major witness. UFO Research of Finland has, after extensive research work, classified the case as a UFO case and declared Mr. Mykanen a reliable witness. Mr. Reijo Kolehmainen, aged 28, is the secondary witness. He has not personally seen the UFOs, but three of the four landing trace areas were found around his home. The following report is based on interviews and other documents accumulated by the research organization.


Mr. Jarmo Nykanen's first contact with UFOs took place in the summer of 1973. His diary contains detailed notes about the incident. This is what happened on June 30, 1973:

Jarmo woke up at about 10 a.m. and started planning a visit to his summer cottage. In the afternoon he had a sauna bath. Then he walked through the forest to his cottage which is located on a lakeshore. Soon after the arrival he lit a fire outdoors. He warmed up some coffee and ate a bit. In the evening he listened to the radio and went to sleep two hours after midnight.

A few moments later he woke up and heard a buzzing sound. First he thought he had forgotten to turn off the radio but soon noticed that this was not the case. Then he saw a strong blue light enter the cottage from the direction of the door. Jarmo went out and walked down to the row-boat jetty. Above the lake he saw a blue light. Suddenly the light started to approach him. It stopped above the shallow water.

Now Jarmo realized how huge the light was. It was twice as big as a row-boat. The light seemed to radiate from a jelly of some sort and it glowed in an unusual way. Jarmo thinks he saw a strange being inside the light. And the next thing he remembers is that he found himself lying on the porch of the cottage. The time was 6 a.m. Jarmo went back to bed and slept til noon. The encounter had made him extremely sleepy.

The unusual events started again in June, 1975. Jarmo Nykanen heard strange knocking sounds at night. It happened three times at two-month intervals. However, nothing was seen on those occasions.


Three landing trace areas were found around Mr. Reijo Kolehmainen's home in February, 1979.

At 6:50 a.m. on February 2, 1979 a 2.5 meter crater was found in the snow at a distance of 5 meters from the house. The snow had melted all the way to the ground in the center of the crater. Strange red liquid, pieces of metal,and later a metallic cup were found within the crater. The red liquid smelled of vinegar. At 8:00 a.m. the police came. They photographed the area and took some samples.

Late in the evening of February 5, 1979 the Kolehmainen family heard a shooting sound. One constable later revealed he had seen a strange light phenomenon at the same time. On the following morning a bigger crater was found in the snow at a distance of 10 meters from the house. Similar things were again found. Later the police came to have a new look at the area. The police suggested that perhaps somenone had thrown a home-made bomb in the Kolehmainen yard. However, the Kolehmainens stated that nobody has any reason to throw bombs at them.

On the morning of February 21, 1979 a third landing trace area was found. This time there were three holes in the yard. Red liquid and pieces of metal were once again found in the landing trace. However, no metallic cup was found this time. There was no snow on the electric wires above the holes, but there was lots of snow on similar wires elsewhere.

The Kolehmainens didn't want any publicity, but the news leaked to the press from acquaintances. About ten articles were published by the press about the events.


On March 8, 1979 Reijo Kolehmainen traveled to Helsinki and asked his friend Jarmo Nykanen to guard the house.

In the evening on March 10, 1979 Jarmo started to make rounds around the house. Suddenly he saw a flash of light in the forest and he thought someone was watching him. Soon after midnight a bell-shaped mini-UFO appeared near the house. The UFO had a diameter of half a meter. The upper part of the UFO radiated blue light and the lower part radiated red light. First he thought he was watching the lights of a car, but then he realized he had encountered a UFO. Jarmo had> a camera with him and he had a couple of shots at the phenomenon. However, the flash didn't work.

Jarmo walked closer to the UFO and flashed his torch toward the UFO. Now the UFO ascended to an altitude of three meters and made the whole snow-covered area look red. Then the UFO disappeared into the sky. Later he found out that the photos didn't come out.


A few days later Jarmo Nykanen made a map of the Kolehmainen house and its surroundings. He realized that the three landing trace areas formed a triangle. And he noticed that if you prolong one side of the triangle it leads you to the cottage.

On March 16, 1979 at around noon he walked to the cottage through the forest. He took binoculars, a camera, and some snacks with him. He arrived at the cottage after 80 minutes. Then he ate his snacks and walked around the cottage.

Suddenly Jarmo heard a humming sound obliquely from behind. He turned around. At an altitude of about two meters he saw a bell-shaped mini-UFO. It seemed to be similar to the one he had seen near the Kolehmainen house. Now he started taking photos of the UFO. It radiated blue light and moved forward descending and ascending. After having taken five photos he started walking toward the UFO. Then the UFO disappeared.

Jarmo continued to research the area. After about half an hour he was walking on the frozen lake. Now he heard a humming sound from the shore and saw the same UFO in the bushes. Again he walked closer to the UFO and kept taking more photos. Then he climbed up the cliff. He tried to sneak to the other side of the encounter area. However, on his way he stumbled and inadvertently took a shot of the trees with the camera. Now the UFO directed a red beam of light toward Jarmo's face. The light was so bright that it blinded him for a while.

Jarmo hid himself behind a fir tree. Now he took his last photo, the twelfth. After a while the UFO flew a bit further away from Jarmo. Suddenly there was a flash of light on top of it. Red smoke puffed out of the UFO and a cylinder-shaped object zoomed to the sky. Pieces of metal and some red liquid were left on the ground. Now Jarmo got extremely tired and sleepy. He only took a quick look at the red spot and left for home.

When he reached the road (this time he didn't take the short-cut through the forest) he met Reijo Kolehmainen. Reijo was on his way to the gas station. Reijo noticed that there was blood on top of Jarmo's nose as well as two tiny holes. However, the holes disappeared later. The weather was fairly good. The sun was shining behind a thin cloud cover and the temperature was a few degrees below freezing. Jarmo told his story to Reijo later.


The police have not been able to explain the strange events. It is highly unlikely that the young men would have made up the story. In fact, they seem to be just as anxious to learn more about the events as the research people are. The camera used by Jarmo Nykanen was a Yaschica Junior and the film was Sakura, in color.

(Also see description in BUFORA Journal.)


September 19, 1979  -  Southern Germany

A metallic disc chases a Phantom jet fighter above southern Germany. This photograph was make by high school director Dr. Karl Maier of Keltern-Weiler with a Polaroid camera.